Company cooperation as a growth strategy

Cooperation among companies and cluster members is aimed at obtaining an objective that cannot be reached alone, or at least not with the same degree of effectiveness. The FEMAC Cluster Cooperation Agenda aims to improve access and the acquisition of resources, abilities and the transfer of knowledge and to increase technological knowledge learning and innovation. It is also targeted at developing new strategic options that cannot be obtained in isolation, which increase the competitive power of its members, and entry into new markets or businesses.

The strategic targets for the FEMAC Cluster over the next four years, include the aim of cooperating with other Clusters on a regional, national and European level that target complementary strategic targets or which develop strategies that contribute to a global and more sustainable agriculture.


El Proyecto AQUAINNOVATE  es una iniciativa que surgió en el año 2012, fruto de la colaboración entre el MAQCENTRE, la FEMAC, y RASA de Mexico, para desarrollar soluciones innovadoras sostenibles para la aquicultura extensiva. En estos momentos el proyecto se encuentra parado a la espera de encontrar nuevos socios para implantar el modelo en una zona de prueba piloto.

El Proyecto QUINUA , tiene como objetivo mejorar la productividad de la producción de QUINUA en las zonas del altiplano de Bolivia 

El Proyecto MACADAT , surgió en el año 2013 en colaboración con el Ministerio de Agricultura del Reino de Marruecos y el Departamento de Agricultura de Cataluña (España), para desarrollar un sistema para la recogida de dátiles en zonas extensivas y con bajos índices de productividad. 


We have some intercluster projects in the innovation field as well as in the international field. Currently the most important projects are FERTISAVE/PHOTOMAQ, in participation with SECPhO, The Southern European Cluster in Photonics and Optics and NATUREEF in colaboration with other 9 European Clusters.

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