The Cluster Manager of FEMAC visited the Cluster Agroalimentario of Nueva León, during the cluster tour organized under the 17th TCI Cluster Conference in Monterrey.

The regional level influence on the agri-food, its sector (agriculture an food production), the collaboration of all agents involved in the development of the sector, and the balance between competition and cooperation, it´s noticeable that its the perfect environment to develop the Agri-Food Cluster.  The Agri-Food Cluster  [ ] is a nonprofit organization integrated by businesses, academy and government agencies. It started operating in 2009 and operates 5 committees at the moment. 

The Cluster Tour began with a visit to GRIFFITH LABORATORIES, a company that has build a reputation for quality and dependability with their customer partners, and using innovation as a foundation for differentiation and with a global curiosity for new opportunities. An important ingredient in the cluster.The tour finalized  with a visit to SUCABRITO, a company that has international exportation and gives the best quality of sheep and goats, certificated on TIF 505.