The last 16th of May, the Project Manager of FEMAC, Elisabeth Molina, attended to the Launch Event of the European Strategic Cluster Partnerships, taking place in Linz, Austria.

During the event, she presented the consortium called NATUREEF, where FEMAC is the leader, and which is formed by 9 different clusters around EUROPE; Agrocluster Ribatejo from Portugal, Biomastec from Germany, Crea&Hidro Energy from Czech Republic, Environmental-Technology Cluster Upper Asutria from Austria, Green Chemistry from Poland, Green Sinergy Cluster from Bulgaria, Inbiom from Denmark, Innoskart from Hungary and Vegepolys form France.

NATUREEF is related to the natural resources efficiency (biomass, water technology, agro technology, environment, chemicals, new materials, ICT, green energy, plants) which objective is to see knowledge-based entreprises grow and thrive along with the sustainable and recycle oriented use of natural resource, improving the resources efficiency in the agro chain as well as natural resource energy-chain.