Yesterday, September 18, we celebrated a workshop in the field at the Castell del Remei focused on New Technologies for Organo-Mineral Fertilization.

The seminar, organized by the Department of Agriculture of Catalonia, had two parts, the first one, more theoretical where Mr. Carlos Ortiz, technician in the Department of Agriculture, explained the new trends in fertilization and agronomic, Mr. Ferran Camp Technician in the Agricultural Mechanization Center, gave a presentation on machinery and technology available to know the new trends in fertilizations application.

For the second part, we moved to the countryside where different companies of the cluster, who are committed to the innovation in fertilization, gave a demonstration of the new application techniques.
There was a tank slurry application of Talleres Gili, 98 SL, with a resistivity installed on the tank that analyzes the time the amount of nutrients (N, K) of slurry – the electronic controller is a development of ILERCIM SL, a cistern application of slurry of Tallers Compar SA, and a fertilizer spreader of Maquinaria Agrícola SOLA SL with a GPS system installed, which was developed by the company EID Batsi.

We want to thank the Department of Agriculture, the attendees at the workshop, and all the companies who contributed, especially Tracjusa, which provided the compost for fertilizer spreader demonstration.