On February 26th, the Cluster FEMAC organized a workshop with a demonstartion part in Torello based on New Technologies in machinery of the organic fertilization distribution.

The conference, attended by over 100 participants, in collaboration with theDepartment of Agriculture in Catalonia and the Cooperativa de Torello, consisted of a two-part session.

The first part of the session, a more theoretical and technical one, began with the explanation and argument about what dose of slurry and manure should be applied in field crops by Mr. Francesc Domingo, Technic from IRTA in Mas Badia. Then ILERCIM SL and BATSI, two firms of the Cluster, presented the connecting box for slurry tanks and the new BATSI GPS systems for precision organic fertiliser machineries.

In the second part , we moved to the countryside, where the cistern with DOSICONTROL system Workshops Gili 98, SL gave a demonstration of the new application techniques .

During the workshop, they were exposed two manure spreaders from other companies of the Cluster, Tallers Compar SA and Juscafresa SA, They will adapt the system of BATSI and they will be presented in a technical conference in San Jose trade Fair in Mollerussa next March.