We have received the visit of INNOSKART, the ITC Hungarian Cluster and one of the members in the NATUREEF Consortium.

The delegation, represented by Mrs. Orsolya SZAPLONCZAY has come with 5 leading companies in the Cluster, RUBIN ZRT., MORTOFF KFT., UNICOMP KFT., SEACON EUROPE KFT., and MKFF KFT.

The objective of the study visit has been to share knowledge about the sectors and to search new business opportunities between them. How ITC technology can be used and implemented in the agricultural field.
In the program, we also included some visits to companies belonging to the Catalan Cluster of Agricultural Machinery, in order to show INNOSKART what kind of machinery we manufacture, and which is the size of the 95% of the companies in the cluster.

We took advantage also of this meeting, to share with the companies, the first results of the cross matching needs among the participants in the NATUREEF consortium, regarding the activities and sectors in which they are interested in.