Under the MOBILISE Project, a 3/4 day workshop on cluster policy, programmes and cluster management, opened by the minister of state of the Moroccan MESRSFC, was hosted by and held at the premises the CNRST, Conseil National de la Recherche Scientifique et Technique, Rabat. The Cluster Manager of FEMAC, Mr. Enric Pedrós participated with two other cluster experts from Spain, Mr. David Romeral, the Cluster Manager of Automotive Cluster in Aragón, and Mr. Barnabás Malnay, Cluster Manager of Hungarian MMKlaszter Multimedia.

App. 80 persons from research, research administration, innovation and cluster management organisations took part in this workshop. It was followed on the same day by a visit of the MMC Morocco Microelectronics Cluster, on the premises of MASCIR, and a tour of the laboratories on site. On Feb 5, we could visit to two Cluster Management Organisations followed, CE3M in Mohammedia,  and MNC in Casablanca. 

All clusters agreed on exchanging per email about on-going collaborative projects within the different clusters and discuss potential Mou on training cluster activities.