AgTech MarketPlace

25 th Octuber 2019

Present your technological proposal


Do you have a technology that can be of applicability and usability in the sector of agricultural Production Means , or an innovative solution for the agricultural sector in general? Come and introduce it to the first Ag Tech Market Place to be held in Barcelona on October 25 at the headquarters of m Ventures, BCN

Lead the change in the agricultural sector

AgTech Market Place is an opportunity for companies in the sector of machinery and agricultural production, ICT companies, Start-Ups of AG Tech, and agricultural companies, where they can exchange challenges and technologies, and promote technological cooperation such as In the middle, incorporate new business models.

The technologies of the future in the agricultural sector

The field is connected to the network. The agricultural and agri-food sector in Europe and the World, is the protagonist of a metamorphosis in the internal architecture of companies, their business model, in their processes and commercial activity.

Internet of Things -IoT

With the Internet of things, we can have more control over all kinds of agricultural processes to track and trace food that reaches our table.


The so-called Wireless Sensing Networks can be a tool to monitor, predict and optimize the management and resources of agricultural activity in real time.

Mobile Devices

The use of digital tools is simplifying many processes, such as planning of agricultural activities, preparing the budget and monitoring multiple tasks and actions.

Big Data

The modern computational capacity has allowed to increase the capacity to collect, exchange, process and synthesize data in a way that is impacting in the entire agricultural field.

Artificial intelligence - AI

Technology based on predictive models to significantly reduce the uncertainty in making strategic, commercial and management decisions throughout the value chain of the agricultural sector


Thanks to geolocation technology (GPS), agricultural machines have methods to streamline daily tasks: harvesting, fertilization, planting, preparation of land, etc.


Technology that allows users to transfer value or assets (information), among themselves without the need for a trusted intermediary.



With the technology of the drones you can fly over the fields quickly and capture diverse information thanks to its sensors.


Augmented Reality

The augmented reality, where two different environments merge, the “real” and the “virtual” allow to increase the efficiency and efficiency of agricultural work.


Given the imminent need to increase production without increasing resources and minimizing the environmental impact, agricultural robotics will have a prominent role.

Urban Farming

Under the term Urban Farming a concept of sustainable solution is encompassed in which several of them are joined together, such as architecture, ecology, energy efficiency and healthy eating.


Technology that intervenes in specific biological processes of plants and animals, which will increase their resistance, improvements or productivity in the field.


09:45Reception of participants and coffee
10:00Presentation of the Program and Welcome MWC and mVentures
10:10The DIGITAL Transformation in the agricultural sector
Carlos Llagostera & Luca Boer - TALENT REPUBLIC
10:40The Challenges of the Agricultural Production Means Sector
The ICT offer of the BCN Digital Cluster

Coffee Networking

13:30Wrap up session

(*) The venue will be available to all participants who wish to continue the meetings until 2:00 pm


m Ventures

Edificio Palau de Mar – Pier 01
Plaza Pau Vila, 1 Sector C 2ª Planta
0039 Barcelona

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