AquaInnovate is an inclusive business that combines technology supply and support services to promote the development of rural aquaculture. It Promotes sustainability and profitability of this activity, by offering technological and training services, consultancy, infrastructure development, development of the value chain, client representation and knowledge management..

AquaInnovate consists of two elements:

  • A new low-cost technology that allows farmers to improve their economic results. This technology is a system of food distribution and water oxygenation that is called AEROFEEDER. The device was tested successfully on cooperatives in the state of Guerrero in Mexico.
  • A platform directed to counsulting services, training and empowerment of rural farmers related to the aquaculture.

 Thanks to the implementation of The AquaInnovate business model, it could reach a production of over 3 tons of shrimp per hectare. This improvement would encourage producers to make two production cycles per year, with the consequent improvement of their income.