BiosusCoop, is a project proposal lead by FEMAC, in collaboration with 4 partners from different european countries, they are VEGEPOLYS in France, AGROCLUSTER in Portugal, PROAKADEMIA in Poland and STEiNBEiS Europe in Germany. The proposal is included in the 7th Framework Program for analyzing and developping joint strategies for cooperation in sustainable agriculture. This project that is still in the writting phase, will count on other Latin american institutions as a partners, like BIONTROPIC – Innovation Center in biodiversity and biotechnology in Medellin, Colombia, that has different investigation groups in different international projects. Their Manager in marketing strategies, Mr. Santiago Jaramillo took care of Mr. Enric Pedrós, Manager of FEMAC. They analyzed different working lines for the preparation of the Base document for the project. Next meeting will be held in Angers, France, next 14th of January, with other project participants in the consortium for finalising details for the consortium agreement