10 Novémbre 2014-Cluster FEMAC visitait the Cluster Agroalimentario àNueva León, Mexico

Le Cluster Manager de FEMAC a visité le Cluster Agroalimentario de Nueva León, pendant de la tournée sur clusters organisée sous la 17e Cluster Conférence TCI à Monterrey.

L’influence régionale de haut niveau sur l’industrie agro-alimentaire, son secteur ( agriculture une production alimentaire ), la collaboration de tous les agents impliqués dans le développement du secteur, et l’équilibre entre concurrence et coopération, est notable que est le parfait environnement pour développer le Cluster Agroalimentaire. Le Cluster Agroalimentaire [http://www.clusteragroalim.org] est une organisation à but non lucratif intégré par l’académie et des agences du gouvernement. Il a commencé à fonctionner en 2009 et exploite cinq comités pour le moment.

Le Cluster Tour commençait par une visite à Griffith Laboratories, une entreprise qui a construit une réputation de qualité et de fiabilité avec leurs partenaires de la clientèle et l’innovation comme une fondation pour la différenciation et avec une curiosité mondiale de nouvelles opportunités. Un ingrédient important dans la tournée du cluster. Il avait finalisé avec une visite à SUCABRITO, une entreprise qui a l’exportation internationale et donne la meilleure qualité de moutons et de chèvres, certifiés sur TIF 505

20th October 2014 – Natureef team meeting

Last 20th October, 7 members of NATUREEF consortium meet each other in the European Cluster Conference. CREA Hydro&Energy, Vegepolys, Environmental-Technology Cluster Upper Austria, Agrocluster, Green Chemistry, INNOSKART and FEMAC

They had the chance to talk about the new incoming call for ESCPs under COSME programme “Clusters Go International” where a Joint International Strategy will be defined in order to avoid conflicts between the partners and to give the project a clear focus on areas where cooperation and share interests are the strongest for all the members in the consortium

The call is expected by December.

20th and 21st October 2014 – European Cluster Conference

The fourth European Cluster Conference, organised by the European Commission’s Enterprise and Industry Directorate-General, took place on October 20-21 2014 in Brussels.

The conference addressed the role of clusters in support of SME growth, industrial renewal and regional structural change and competitiveness. It gathered some 300 stakeholders, notably key policy-makers from the national and regional authorities, practitioners and high-level speakers from academia and industry.

The conference discussed inter alia how cross-sectoral cooperation and innovation can be stimulated through clusters with the aim to helping SMEs to access new industrial value chains and find complementary international partners. The potential of clusters and cluster organisations, especiallyin emerging industries, needs to be better exploited to achieve this objective.

60th Sant Miquel Agricultural Fair – Future of the Agriculture

FEMAC, the cluster of Agricultural Machinery in Catalonia, held on Thursday 25th September with the collaboration of Lleida’s Trade Fair a conference on “Farming the Future”, within the program of the 60th Agricultural Fair of Sant Miquel’s activities . The aim of the conference was to present the technological challenges of the future for the Cluster, which goes through the development of new technologies and the application of intelligent systems in the agricultural machinery production.

The Cluster Manager, Enric Pedrós explained that while agricultural production must increase by 70% in the next 30 years, this will have to be managed with the same natural resources. To achieve this goal, in the future agriculture we will have to become more efficient and sustainable. It will be necessary to improve water management, reduce the consumption of fossil energy and apply robotics in agricultural machinery.

The session, organized in the Congress Hall of Fira de Lleida, consisted of three conferences: “Managing variability”, by Joan Esteve, Agro Pixel; “Robotics and agriculture” with Carles Soler, of Nelmia Insight Robotics, and “Agricultural management in the cloud” with Ferran Gascon, of Agroptima.

Download the presentations:

Carles Soler – Agropixel, S.L. Carles Soler – Nelmia Robotics Insight S.L. Ferran Gascón – Agròptima S.L.


25th August-FEMAC signed an agreement with Catalana Condal for the international promotion of their companies in Colombia

FEMAC, the cluster comprising the major manufacturers and exporters of Agricultural Machinery in Catalonia, and the consultancy CATALANA CONDAL International Trade signed on Monday 25th August, an agreement with which all members of the cluster will have the assistance of thisconsultancy to export their products to the Colombian market.

Mr. Josep Maria Pradas, President of FEMAC and Mr. Manel Pellisé, project manager for Colombia in CATALANA CONDAL ratified this agreement including, among others, the access for FEMAC partners in special conditions, all consultancy services of CATALANA CONDAL from micro reports and market analysis, identification and selection of importers and distributors to the accompaniment of implementation tasks in the market, if necessary.

Currently, Colombia is a country with a growing and sustained demand for agricultural machinery. Manufacturers of EU have increased their share in the Colombian market. This has come into force once the free trade agreement between Colombia and the European Union was signed, on the last quarter of 2013. This agreement releases tariffs for the agrciutlural equipment, among others, from the countries of the EU

17th July 2014-IV Strategic Meeting of the Catalan Cluster of Agricultural Machinery

On July 17th, was held in the “Cal Trepat” Museum, Tarrega, the IV Strategic meeting of the Catalan Cluster of Agricultural Machinery.

The program consisted of a joint reflection of the sector and its future, where they came new ideas and synergies. Folowing the challenge of the modern agriculture, where the agricultural production must increase by 70% for an additional 2.3. bilion people by 2050 which it means energy demand, soil degradation, water scarcity & climate warming. We exposed the participants three questions to work on:

1. How can we increase the productivity of the agricultural surface?
2. How can we contribute to improve the susteinability of the agricultural production?
3. How can new technologies like, aerospace, TIC, optics and photonics, influence on the improvement of the agricultural process?

The contribution of the different members in the cluster as the University, Consultants and Manufacturers, were essential for de discussion, were ideas came up and some proposals were defined as a working lines for the next months.