Workshop  on artificial intelligence in the wine sector


Last 19th we held the Digitization Day in the wine sector together with the INNOVI Cluster.

The aim was to introduce in the sector how digital technologies can help us in decision making to improve the competitiveness of companies. In the first intervention, Carles Gómara from ACCIÓ introduced us to different examples of using Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, Big Data, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence (IA) or 5G Connectivity.

In this sense he said that AI is a tool used to manage the huge amount of data that can already be captured from sensors, cameras or other means and of which we often do not know what use to give it. .

Jesus Cerquides of the CSIC explained how AI can help us in the value chain with different examples such as robotization in viticulture, big data in the decision-making in the cellar and different apps that help in the purchase of product.

Xavier Jofre of Mobile World Capital Barcelona began his presentation by exposing the potential of 5G: low latency-reaction time, high download speeds and the possibility of mass connection of devices. Thanks to these capabilities he showed us different examples, such as the assisted pruning of a nectarine field with a 5G connected robot in Albatárrec; remote machinery teleoperation or immersive tourism that could be applicable to wine tourism.

In the case of assisted pruning, he showed us that using smart glasses connected to a consultant can lead to significant cost savings. This technology could have other applications, such as in the field of machinery-assisted repair by the grower himself, with remote assistance of an expert mechanic.

The last three interventions were by members of the cluster.

The BeBrand and Covides told us about a low-cost sensing project for existing bottling lines to manage raw material stock and line speeds.

Facial recognition for managing people in the field was the project explained by Raw Data. The advantages of this system are ease of use and interconnection with other existing systems and tools.

Finally, AgroMappin presented different projects in which remote sensing plays a key role: both in predicting harvests and in managing the application of plant protection and fertilization.

next society_de

next society_de

the next society

Cluster Conference

FEMAC Cluster participates in a meeting with Clusters from the Mediterranean countries

The Next Society is an open community of change makers dedicated to innovation and economic development. It brings together entrepreneurs, investors, corporations, NGOs, public and private innovation centers, research and economic development centers in Europe and the Mediterranean countries. It now has a large network of over 300 business and innovation companies, researches in investment organizations, 2,500 international SMEs and entrepreneurs from 30 countries.

FEMAC is part of the Cluster Mentor of a Tunisia Cluster.

The Agency for the Promotion of Industry and Innovation (APII) and the Confederation of Citizen Companies of Tunisia (CONECT) organized, in collaboration with ANIMA Investment Network and France Clusters, the second edition of #TechDays held in Tunis, at the Hotel Laico (Tunis), on January 29, 2020.

The event was organized as part of THE NEXT SOCIETY initiative, co-financed by the European Union.

The goal of #TechDays is to foster collaboration between innovation players in the Mediterranean and Europe: clusters, researchers, SMEs, industry experts and policy makers – through sectoral bilateral meetings so that participants can meet ‚join their strategies and business portfolio and get roadmaps. for future collaborations.

The agenda of this Tunisian meeting is to foster collaboration between clusters and strengthen Tunisia’s position as a hub for promoting innovation in the Mediterranean region.

Thus, several workshops have addressed the issues encountered by the various stakeholders, and discussed barriers to access to internationalization and funding conditions during high-level B2B meetings.

This event took place in parallel with the 2nd edition of the Tunisian Technopark Forum. The activities of January 30, 2020 provided great opportunities for European SMEs to take advantage of business opportunities with Tunisia and the region.

Launch of Tech Booster Tunisia

Also on the agenda of this #TechDays is the launch of the Tech Booster in Tunisia, an acceleration program aimed at „researchers-entrepreneurs“: researchers, engineers or innovators who have developed a project thanks to their studies of research or their scientific skills and willing to market themselves. or turn it into a business.

With a team of experts, mentors, industry experts and investors, these entrepreneurs-entrepreneurs validate a business model, an MVP (Marketable Minimum Product) ready to market, work on the ground and benefit from B2B with industry leaders and innovation experts in their sector.

The Tech Booster is implemented in Tunisia by APII and CONECT, national partners of THE NEXT SOCIETY, together with U-Accelerator.

Between 15 and 20 project leaders selected through an application call, they had the opportunity to participate in a Tech Booster collaborative workshop and launch session on January 29, 2020 during the #TechDays.



World AG Expo de Tulare, CA

Vom 10. bis 13. Februar 2020

8 FEMAC-Unternehmen beteiligen sich an dieser Initiative


Die größte jährliche US-Landwirtschaftsausstellung wurde am Donnerstag, dem 13. Februar, mit 1.442 Ausstellern mit einer Ausstellungsfläche von 2,6 Millionen Quadratfuß geschlossen. An der dreitägigen Show nahmen 106.357 Teilnehmer aus 46 Bundesstaaten, dem District of Columbia und 56 Ländern teil.

Teilnehmer aus der ganzen Welt kamen, um sich zu vernetzen und sich über neue Geräte, Dienstleistungen und Technologien für globale Agenturen zu informieren. An drei Tagen fanden mehr als 130 Seminare, Demonstrationen und Bildungsworkshops zu verschiedenen Themen statt, von Bewässerung über Hanf und Vieh bis hin zum internationalen Handel.

Der Präsident der American Farm Agency Federation, Zippy Duvall, eröffnete den Eröffnungstag mit einer Tour durch seine erste World Ag Expo® mit Schwerpunkt auf Technologie, der internationales Flair des Programms, Hanf und Milchprodukte.

Weitere beliebte Attraktionen der World Ag Expo® 2020 sind das Ride & Drive, Wein- und Käsebereiche sowie der Demonstrationspavillon.

Die 2021 World Ag Expo® findet vom 9. bis 11. Februar statt.



femac & cmaa

Intercluster-Konferenz zwischen dem Cluster der landwirtschaftlichen Maschinen von Aragon und der FEMAC in den Einrichtungen von IDIADA.

24. Januar 2020

Der Cluster für Maschinen und Produktionsmittel Kataloniens (FEMAC) und der Cluster für landwirtschaftliche Maschinen von Aragon (CMAA) trafen sich am 24. Januar an einem Tag zwischen den Clustern, um die Zusammenarbeit zwischen den Partnern der beiden zu fördern Verbände, Genehmigungsprojekte und Ausarbeitung neuer Vorschläge zur Elektrifizierung landwirtschaftlicher Maschinen.



Participation in the Expo Agroalimentaria de Guanajuato 2019 – From 12 to 15 November 2019

Between November 12 and 15, FEMAC, with the support of the Lleida Provincial Council and ACCIÓ, accompanied 10 companies in their participation in the Agro Alimentaria Expo Fair in Guanajuato.

The Guanajuato Agro-Food Expo is a fair that has been held annually since 1996 in Irapuato, Guanajuato. Considered one of the most important fairs in Mexico, every year it brings together more than 120,000 attendees in an internal and external exhibition area of ​​630,000 m2, which houses approximately 1,300 stands. More than 14 countries from all over the world take part in this event, most of which are linked to the agricultural, horticultural or agro-industrial sectors – key sectors of the fair.

The FEMAC Cluster coordinated the presence as exhibitors of AMP Sprayers, SL, ITC S.L, Juscafresa SA and Tallers Corbins, SL, Vigerm SL. At the Fair there were among other companies in the cluster exhibiting through their respective distributors, such as TEYME Tecnología Agrícola, Niubo Maquinaria Agrícola S.L, Jympa 1971, SL and Semillas Fitó.









AgTech Market Place

AgTech Market Place

AgTech Market Place 2019

25th October  2019

The FEMAC Cluster and the Digital Cluster of Catalonia and with the collaboration of the MWC Foundation, held on October 25 in Barcelona the AG Tech MarketPlace 2019, which brought together some fifty companies from the technological and agricultural sector , where the needs of the primary sector and the means of agricultural production were explored, in the field of technology, and detailed the digital solutions that companies of the new technologies sector can offer.

The conference featured a central conference given by Luca BOER, CEO of the Talent República consultancy, who warned of the downward trend in the agricultural sector in the economic weight of the country. „The number of people employed in the agricultural sector in Spain is currently only 4%,“ Boer said, adding that in this context technology can become an ally in the sector in order to optimize resources and contribute to the efficiency and the profitability of the business. „Technology can allow us to save water, automate production and reduce costs,“ added the CEO of Talent Republic.

The day had a Elevator Pitch where technology companies and the agricultural sector explained the supply and demand regarding new technologies in the agricultural sector. The day, then, served to accompany the companies of the agricultural sector in its process of digitization and to try to break stigmas between the sectors that allows to raise awareness of the importance of facing the technological solutions as an allied tool and not as a sector far from the agricultural sector.


Joan Puaté

Joan Puaté

Cluster Manager BCN DIGITAL

Luca de Boer

Luca de Boer

CEO Talent Republic

Agustí Font

Agustí Font

Coordinador V.P. IRTA

Enric Pedrós

Enric Pedrós

Cluster Manager FEMAC