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Artecnia Group was born out of the idea to bring together companies and professionals paving new ways in their sector. The aim is to enhance the quality of life in general by permanent improvements and innovations in agriculture and forestry.
Our community, consisting of engineering and consulting companies, makes up a multidisciplinary team including agronomic, forest, industrial, computer and telecommunication systems engineers as well as topographers and draftsmen. [1]
We develop, in cooperation with an extensive network of experts, projects on so diverse subjects as rural development, agribusiness, environment, renewable energies and telecommunications.


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Disema is a comprehensive engineering and consultancy services provider focused on the generation of advanced technological solutions adapted to the specific requirements of all its clients.
The activity began over 30 years ago to provide technical support to companies in the agricultural machinery sector. Progressively it has been introduced into new areas as the design of industrial machinery and renewable energy and environment .
Human capital is the engine of DISEMA and  it is constituted by high-skilled professionals, that combine experience and youth together with enthusiasm and technical training, with a clear goal: do things right.


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TALLERES CORBINS, S.L. is a company founded in 1977, dedicated at first to the sale and repair of agricultural machinery, but due to their objective of improvement, and in line with market needs existing at that time, began to manufacture the first prunding compressors and hydraulic lifts, and then other items connected with fruit and vineyard work.
Currently the company has an extensive range of machinery to meet all requirements of the sector, and large and updated facilities to provide quality service in the manufacture, sales and after-sales service to our customers.Thanks to continuous innovation and improvement in the technology of our products in recent years, the company is in a line of national and international expansion.

BISON Europe, S.L.U

Bison A&I Europe, S.L.U.
Ronda de la Font Grossa, 17 P.I. La Gavarra
08540 Centelles (Barcelona) -España
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Since May 2014, AGRIC reached the most important milestone of its restructuring, becoming part of BISON HOLDING, a major American group with more than 500 employees, specializes in innovation, design, manufacture and marketing of agricultural and industrial applications under the BISON brands, GARFIELD, and IDEAA TATANKA. The new Spanish company BISON A & I EUROPE, SL It manufactures and sells equipment and spare parts AGRIC, valued for its quality, durability and performance, serving directly from its new headquarters in Barcelona the markets of Europe, Africa and Asia while maintaining its logistics business equipment, technical and.


Eguren R&D Solutions

Parc Tecnològic de Gardeny, Edifici H2, planta 1 ofi 14
25003 Lleida [SPAIN]
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Eguren R&D Solutions is a creative company specializing in design and mechanical engineering industry. Created in 2006 after a long career in various industries, its two partners. Knowing the needs of industrial and aware of the need for the application of industrial design and engineering as a basis for differentiating and market developments and modern society.

From the first moment a service is offered based on the knowledge of engineering and applied professionally, as an engine that ensures project success for their clients. Our philosophy is inclusive, we team with our clients, providing human resources and technical expertise tailored to each project, from the first moment that provide solutions and implementation capacity, without additional costs.