The Catalan Cluster of Agricultural Machinery – FEMAC, celebrated last 6th September,  a ceremony presided by the Honourable President of the Generalitat of Catalonia, Mr. Artur Mas, in the Castell del Remei in the town of Penelles, its fifteenth anniversary, accompanied by most of the members that compose the cluster, as manufacturers, engineering, R & D centers, universities, etc.. And other personalities who developed an important role in its formation.

So much so, that we wanted to reward, both to individuals and to institutions, those that somehow boosted the birth of the cluster.

A sculpture inspired in the history of agriculture, which represents the three tools that farmers used to farm, to reap and hammer the field, symbolized this thanks to the „responsibles“ of the first steps of the FEMAC.

As an institutional gratitude it was recognised to the old COPCA and CIDEM nowadays as ACC1Ó, represented by its CEO, Mr. Josep Moragas, their support from the beginning to the present, to Lleida Provincial Council, currently chaired by Mr. Joan Reñé, which funded the cluster in its beginnings and the FEMEL, represented by its president Mr. Estanislao Grau, who welcomed us and provided us the office to start the firsts steps of the cluster.

As a special individual mentions, Mr. Santiago Planas, Director of the Center for Agricultural Mechanization in 1997, Mr. Antoni Subirà, Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism of the Generalitat of Catalonia in 1997, Mr. Jaume Angerri Director General of Commerce in 1997, Mr. Miguel Folguera FEMEL President in 1997 and despite not being able to be in the ceremony, also Mr. Josep Grau, president of the council of Lleida in 1997.