Parc de Gardeny, Edifici CeDiCo, 1ª Planta
25071 Lleida – LLEIDA
Tel. (+34) 973 27 29 22
Fax. (+34) 973 26 71 61

The Lleida Agri-food Science and Technology Park is an ambitious, strategic commitment for Lleida with values established as innovation, quality, specialisation, dynamism, scientific and academic prestige, and a clear desire for true leadership.

In order to revitalise the economic activity of the area by offering an opportunity to increase the competitiveness of the business network through innovation and knowledge transfer with the scientific and academic world, Lleida City Council, together with the University of Lleida, decided to set up the Lleida Agri-food Science and Technology Park, siting it in an emblematic part of the city, Gardeny hill.

The competitive advantage of the Park lies in the opportunity for clear specialisation in agro-industry based on the importance of the agri-food sector in the economy of the Lleida region, with the vision of being – and being recognised as – the leading science and technology park in the agri-food sector in Catalonia, Spain and southern Europe.