La coopération entrepreneuriale en tant que stratégie de croissance

La coopération entre entreprises et membres du cluster poursuit un objectif inatteignable de manière individuelle, ou pour le moins avec le même degré d’efficacité. Le Programme de coopération du Cluster FEMAC vise à améliorer l’accès aux ressources et aux capacités, l’acquisition de celles-ci ainsi que le transfert de connaissances, à augmenter l’apprentissage du savoir technologique et l’Innovation, ainsi qu’à développer de nouveaux choix stratégiques irréalisables de manière isolée afin d’augmenter la capacité de concurrence de ses membres et l’entrée sur de nouveaux marchés ou dans de nouveaux secteurs d’activité.

Parmi ses objectifs stratégiques pour le prochaine période de quatre ans, le Cluster FEMAC compte celui de coopérer avec d’autres clusters aux échelles régionale, nationale et européenne, poursuivant des objectifs stratégiques complémentaires contribuant à une agriculture mondiale et plus durable.

The PIC Meeting event is the most important event in the plant production industry organized annually in Europe. This event aims to promote knowledge in the field of the plant, creating a common strategy to facilitate the international development of clusters and their members.

The members of the PIC consortium, formed by the french Clusters  QUALIMEDITERRANEE, VEGEPOLYS and TERRALIA, the Portuguese AGROCLUSTER, and the FEMAC, are negotiating their incorporation in 2019. FEMAC organized the 7th edition, to be held in Lleida (Spain ) on September 27 and 28, 2017.

Participants of this event include European SMEs, research centers, farmers, agricultural companies, agricultural professionals, universities, startups and clusters in Europe, Asia and South America. Organized in the form of workshops, forums, business meetings and presentations, the PIC Meeting is an opportunity to create and optimize partnerships in European and international projects in the vegetable production and agriculture industry.



NATUREEF is an European Strategic Cluster Partnership (ESCP) , leaded by FEMAC.

The scope of NATUREEF is design and implement a joint strategy promoting cross-sectoral cooperation and facilitating the internationalization of small and medium companies (SMEs) through SMEs mentoring and through the dissemination of their innovative technologies considering a new Natural Efficient Resource Concept.


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The main objective addressed by PARALLEL 42 is to boost collaboration and synergies among 4 EU Clusters situated along the Parallel 42 and 45, where the agriculture and food areas represent key sectors to their Smart Specialization Strategy, as well as to the innovative system for a sustainable, smart and competitive development of the agro value chain towards the use and implementation of BIG DATA.

The PARALLEL 42 partnership includes four clusters implicated in the Agriculture and Food sectors, and the main Research Centres involved in the Smart Specialization Strategy and the Regional Development Agencies in Charge of the S3 Policy framework.

TRACE-KEI  aims at strengthening the cluster management, in terms of defining medium-long term development strategy and improve the quality of services offered to their associate SMEs. In fact, through project activities (i.e. joint training and study visits), cluster managers will be provided with the necessary skills and tools to strengthen the aspects related to clusters management. As for strategy development, cluster managers will get more familiar with analysis of value chains and market foresight, in terms of future development trends and matching with associates and SMEs expectations.  The Cluster Management team of FEMAC is mentoring TRACE-KEI Cluster Managers participants