Community of Food Production Technologies is a Community RIS3CAT led by University of Lleida in collaboration with other catalan universities , AGRO companies , and the Cluster FEMAC,  to develop intelligent and innovative strategies in their farming sector in Catalonia.


The RIS3CAT is the research and innovation strategy for smart specialization of Catalonia approved by the Government on February 4, 2014.
The RIS3CAT part of Catalonia 2020 (with ECAT 2020), as a roadmap of the Government to revive the economy and reorient the productive sector towards a smarter, more sustainable and more inclusive economic model.
It is divided into four areas of action arising from the four strategic objectives and that combine targeting to mainstreaming:


Food industry and other links in the value chain as the primary sectors, large retailers, industries packaging and packaging machinery for food, additives and raw materials, food and restoration.
Management activities in energy, natural resources and waste. Particularly in higher value-added and innovative content such as energy efficiency, cogeneration, home automation, renewable energy, organic chemistry and nuclear fusion
Activities whose generic management skills and development (chemical, machinery and equipment, robotics, computer, electronic and optical products, and equipment and electrical equipment) efficient industrial systems. Activities related to engineering and advanced manufacturing process especially include
Industries that have a strong bond with cross design as a key factor in common.; textiles, clothing, fur, footwear, jewelry and furniture
Automotive sector and related activities, but also has implications for electrochemistry, energy, electronics, nanomaterials, Internet, mobile telephony, . etc
Industries of health and life sciences: fine chemicals, pharmaceutical preparations, universities, science / technology parks, research centers, industry, medical technology, hospital and clinics, insurance and related services.
Cultural industries and based on experience. creative and cultural industries (publishing, graphic arts, multimedia, audiovisual, audio and video production, crafts) and key services in Catalonia as tourism and sports


The RIS3CAT Communities are voluntary groups of companies and agents in the R + D and innovation that drive R & D plans and Innovation of economic transformation in the sectoral fields leaders.

The University of Lleida in collaboration with several Catalan Universities, companies AGRO sector and Cluster FEMAC, are leading an initiative named  “Community Food Production Technologies – COTPA”


CONTACT PERSON: Mr. Albert Sorribas  ris3.cotpa@gmail.com 


1. Innovation in the field of food production technologies
2. Effective Incorporation of advanced technologies in food production processes.
3. Leading innovation that allows better performance and
4. Sustainability of production processes in a context of activity compatible with balanced rural development


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