Dirección General de Política de la Pequeña y Mediana Empresa
Tel.: 0034 900 190 092

The Directorate General of SME Policy (DGPYME) is a governing body of the Ministryof Industry, Tourism and Trade, under the Secretary General of Industry.

Its mission is to promote an economic environment that facilitates entrepreneurship, growth, innovation and competitiveness of enterprises.

Maintains close relations with organizations and national and international institutions that promote competitiveness and entrepreneurial innovation.

Cooperates closely with agencies of the Central Government and autonomouscommunities in development initiatives, modernization and business development.

The Innovative Business Groups Program (AEI) of the Ministry of Industry, Tourismand Trade (MITT), developed by the Directorate General of SME Policy and launched in 2007, part of the European strategy to promote competitiveness through the creation and development of innovative clusters, actions identified as priorities by the Framework Programme (2007-2013) Competitiveness and Innovation of the European Union.