Today, March 13th , it has been presented the first machine on the market, for a controlled slurry dispenser. The exhinition has been attended by nearly 200 people. Talleres Gili 98, SL, the host of the event, has implemented this technology in their tankers.

In the project have participated various companies of the Agricultural Machinery Cluster; MAQCENTRE made the viability study for that technology, ILERCIM developed the electronic controller and Tallers Gili 98, SL and Tallers Compar SA are the manufacturers who incorporate this technology.

the technological innovation, has been baptised as  Dosicontrol. This is a controlled slurry application system that allows us to optimize the application, in order to achieve proper soil fertilization, according to nutrient requirements established by the same cultivation. We can therefore, that from nitrate units that we set for our cultivation, Dosicontrol will automatically regulate the output slurry so that our application will always be the same in terms of nutrients, whether it we have more or less speed.

The Dosicontrol uses different data to achieve uniform application. By analyzing the electrical conductivity of the slurry inside the tank and once it has read, sets the terms for the slurry total N, ammonia N, K2O, according to a table that relates the electrical conductivity and the corresponding amount these nutrients.

Talleres Gili 98, SL has presented the Dosicontrol in two different tankers application systems, applicator of arms and applicator of discs.