Organised by the European Commission, European Development Days (EDD) is Europe’s premier forum on international affairs and development cooperation. EDD has a ‚GLOBAL REACH‘. It attracts representatives from all corners of the globe.  It has been a ‚SPRINGBOARD‘ for the ideas and interventions of political leaders and world-renowned authorities on development. Demetris Christofias, President of the Republic of Cyprus, Caroline Anstey, Managing Director of the World Bank, Ali Bongo Ondimba President of the Republic of Gabon, are some of the notable speakers that has participated in this edition, and important leaders as Kofi Annan, Jacques Chirac, Dominique Strauss-Kahn have taken part in previous editions of European Development Days.

The FEMAC ‚ s Cluster Manager has participated in the panel „New Partnerships in Descentralised Cooperation – Private-Public Articulation, a key tool for sustainable and inclusive development“ with the AQUAINNOVATE project, the inclusive solution for rural aquaculture.

The session has demonstrate the importance of local and regional governments as institutions that promote economic and social dynamism in territories offering new opportunities to stakeholders and conveying development strategies. It has highlighted the growing importance of the involvement of public-private partnerships and the contributions of economic and social actors in building more inclusive and sustainable territories by presenting and sharing relevant experiences from the EU and countries from different regions of the world; and
provide insight to local and regional governments, enabling them to build partnerships with private actors that improve their development strategies and the results of their actions in decentralised cooperation.