The main objective is to gather the most experienced people and organisations in Europe to identify and set up a noteworthy set of quality indicators and peer-assessment procedures for cluster management. will create and act as a club of professionals and institutions, to promote cluster management excellence, and diffuse the adoption of the Quality Label among its members.

The European Cluster Conference 2012 Ceremony has taken place on Wednesday 18th April. The first Cluster Management Excellence Labels GOLD has been awarded to three excellent European Cluster Organisations that have participated in a cluster assessment preciding the conference.
The first 3 Cluster Management Excellence Labels in Gold who have been awarded:

NCE NODE – Norwegian Offshore Drilling Engineering, Kjell O. Johannessen,
SILICON SAXONY e. V., Gitta Haupold
FEMAC.CAT The Cluster of Agricultural Machinery, Enric Pedros,

FEMAC.CAT, one of the European Cluster Organisations awarded, is introducing and implementing innovation in the very conventional sector of agricultural machinery. The use of new concepts, materials for machines and equipment, the application of land-based technology for new applications in hydro-cultures (fishfarming), and the development of agricultural machinery in particular for lower developed economies and related exporting (Africa, South America) are action areas.