The cluster since its beginings has been committed to the internationalization of its members. What it is true is that over the 16 years of experience their strategic focus has not always been the same. With the addition of Spain in the European Single market was vital to help companies to prepare documentation that all that meant … Today, in 2015, the average export of the companies in the cluster is more than 50% and in some cases it reaches 85% of total production.

Although the companies are on their own in the internationalisation way, the cluster continues very focused on internationalization activities that provide added value to the companies, that could not achieve by themselves .

We talk about :

  •     Export groups ( common target market + manager at destination+ joint promotional products + marketing plan and promotion expenses )
  •     Business missions
  •     Incomming missions
  •     Benchmarking projects
  •     Joint participation in international fairs


During the 2015 FEMAC will lead 2 Commercial Missions in USA and Perú and Colombia