Catalan- Moroccan cooperation between the Department of Agriculture , Livestock , Fisheries , Food and Natural Medi Generalitat of Catalonia , hereinafter DAAM and the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries of the Kingdom of Morocco and ANDZOA , representing the Moroccan side , for strengthen the productive structures of the entire value chain of dates in the province of TATA .

This project based on the agreement signed on 3 May 2011 between DAMM , represented by Hon. Director Mr. Jose Maria Pelegrí , and the Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries of Morocco , Mr. Aziz Azhannouch .

The overall objective is , first , identifying technology options to increase production levels of farmers for date , improving the quality of the processing of the product and on the other , creating the groundwork for Agricultural Training School , in order to provide farmers and women farmers , a knowledge of the mechanization of farming, to make good use of resources , preserve and maintain the production system date and encourage the employment of this part of the working-age population .

The definition of the objectives and milestones are based on preliminary studies that establish the demands of the region, the various economic and social sectors that enable shape the project in terms of its impact on the development of the area , the characteristics of which are:

  • Agricultural development
  • Subproject design a machine for harvesting , thinning and pruning of date palm
  • Social development with the creation of the basis for an agricultural mechanization school