On May 14, the delegation of the FEMAC Cluster in a comercial Mission in China, met with Mr. MH Counselor. Josep Maria Pelegrí and PRODECA’s team  to discuss points of interest between Catalan companies and chiness market .The Counselor chatted with entrepreneurs of FEMAC, and from the agro sector in Catalonia on topics of interest as well as the various initiatives that are being carried out from the Ministry presiding.

From left: Mr. Enric Pedrós (FEMAC). Mr. Jose Altarriba(RAMACAT 2000, S.L.). Mrs. Patricia Moreno ( MORESIS LTD ). Mr. Josep Bosch ( J BOSCH SL)-Mrs. Mireia Dobon ( GRUP VICHY CATALAN)-Mr. Josep M. Pelegrí ( Honorable Conseller del DAAM .Generalitat de Catalunya)-Mr. Jordi Bort (PRODECA)-Mr. Jordi Girunes (MORESIS LTD)-Mrs. Roslaba Arrufat ( PRODECA)-Mr. Pompili Roige ( NOVA VIDA DISTRIBUCIONS CÀRNIQUES SL)