This group is consolidating the group formed by the same companies in 2012, to address the commercial challenges in the French market. Of that positive relationship between the companies has emerged a strong interest to continue working together on other markets.

Mexico is the second country in South America in consumption of agricultural machinery, behind Brazil, and the second from the point of view of manufacturing.

The main objective is to create synergies between trade and market products manufactured, commercial activities and the marketing plan.


Plan objectives are as follows:

  • Search the most appropriate market segment for the group
  • Identify the most suitable distribution channels
  • Design policies for product, price, promotion and distribution according to each company
  • Setting sales targets for each member of the group
  • Run sales and control their subsequent compliance
  • Prepare promotion group plans
  • Inform regularly the companies through reports
  • Consolidate the position of each company in the country.