Passeig de Gràcia, 129
08008 Barcelona
Tel. (+34) 93 476 72 00

Catalonia Trade & Investment, is a unit of ACCIÓ, the Agency for Business Competitiveness. ACCIÓ’s different programmes promote innovation, internationalization and investment in Catalonia and thorough the world.

In terms of foreign investment, our services come with the guarantee of 30 years’ experience helping not only those international companies planning first-time investment or aiming to expand their European area of operations, but also those already established in Catalonia with expansion plans or new projects. Our multidisciplinary and pro-business team works free of charge and totally confidentially to attract and maintain business investments, and our success lies in offering tailor-made solutions that help you implement your investment in Catalonia.

As regards trade, our knowledge of many competitive and export-oriented companies in Catalonia, means we are well equipped to help international companies seeking to establish commercial or strategic agreements in Europe. The outstanding network of industrial companies in Catalonia, their renowned flexibility, the logistics capabilities and export-oriented services, all make this region the ideal European hub for companies interested in quality and competitive suppliers.

For R+D and Innovation projects, ACCIÓ has the best contacts to find the technologies you require. Catalonia’s Technological Centres, united under the TECNIO brand, are close partners with companies that need to develop or incorporate new technologies, materials or solutions. Furthermore, ACCIÓ helps create research groups and obtain financing to support companies in terms of their technological needs.

ACCIÓ, either via its trade & investment offices or through its Barcelona headquarters, can assist you with your investment project, finding the right business partner, sourcing most competitive supplier or locating the state of the art technology you need in Catalonia.