Av. la Crosa s/n.
17185 Vilobí d’Onyar-GIRONA
Tel. (+34) 972 47 41 37
Fax. (+34) 972 47 32 29

We are a family business that was founded in 1993 dedicated to agriculture, machinery specialized in crop protection, and application of liquid fertilizers both low crops also as trees and vines.

Our offer ranges from small sprayers for vehicles ATV (Quads), until big trailed sprayers of 6000 litres and mounted sprayers, equipment for Land-Rover, Unimog, small vehicles for golf courses, equipment machines gatherers forage , atomizers, cannons, etc.. Bars of treatment up to 28 m. width, constructed with special steel and / or stainless steel.

We are distributors of mundial top brand components in this sector, teams GPS, guided, pumps, regulations, etc.