IOT Aonchip S.L

C/ Cementiri Vell, nº12, 1º1ª
Telf. +34 629460648
Contact: Mr. Leo Cespedes

We design, develop and implement hardware and software solutions that combine to create highly competitive IOT (Internet of Things) applications.

Moreover, we advise, train and support our clients, guiding them through the complexity of IOT technologies that have to solve their current challenges and prepare their infrastructure for the future.

AONCHIP offers an IOT -WATERSENS solution -of intelligent water control to solve the need for optimization. Watersens is a intelligent water control system with Lorawan and NFC communications. With a life of more than 10 years without changing any battery. Watersens has a coverage of 10 km, so it can be deployed in the field and manage the outputs for irrigation directly without external supply. Watersens is the new active solution of lorawan for the problem of water management in long stretches of farmland, golf courses and parks and urban gardens