Pol.Industrial Pla d’Urgell
Avda. Merlet, 8
25245 Vila-Sana. LLEIDA
Tel. (+34) 973 71 28 55/696 98 29 10
Fax. (+34) 973 60 42 57

Arcusin S.A. is a company that forms part of a larger business group that has grown out of a family-run business whose interests are mainly related with agriculture and farming.

At Arcusin, we research, develop and manufacture specialised agricultural machinery. Our main objective is to offer the agricultural sector practical solutions that help to reduce non-productive handling costs and to help increase the efficiency of production.

We offer the guarantee of more than forty years of experience in the manufacturing of specialised agricultural machinery and over a century of family tradition in the world of agriculture.

Our human team, which is our company’s greatest asset, allows us to guarantee the smooth running of our operations and to offer our clients quality after–sales servicetechnical assistancepersonalised telephone attention and the delivery of spare partsAll of our services are available wherever they are needed.

Arcusin also has its own working philosophy which involves giving priority to quality and good working practices above everything else. It is based on shared responsibility, coordinated team work and the commitment of each of its team members. Each and every one of the links in the chain is essential to the smooth working of the whole company system.

We are proud of the good reputation that we have established with our clients and this serves as a motivation to keep on improving, innovating and reinventing ourselves on a daily basis as we endeavour to stay a step ahead of the market.

At Arcusin we try to share this philosophy with our clients and partners and to get them to actively participate with us to this end.