Cooperation Workshop on Agricultural technologies

A Cooperation Workshop took place on December 13th, in a practical format aimed at encouraging and empowering its participants in knowledge and tools for the search of ideal partners, in the design of a group strategy and in the formalization of a cooperation agreement, with the aim of mastering the tools and acquiring the knowledge for the creation of projects of international business cooperation in the environment of agricultural technologies.

The training included dynamic sessions of networking among the 18 participants from different companies in the sector of agricultural production and start-ups.

This workshop was organized in collaboration with ACCIÓ in the framework of the activities of the Enterprise Europe Network project, which ACCIÓ is part of and the consultancy frim ALTRIUM, with Mr. Jordi Martí as an specialist in business cooperation.

As a result, three possible projects were defined: ASPERLINE (An intelligent irrigation system), VEIA (An autonomous fire vehicle), and an intelligent dosage system for fruit trees.