FEMAC Cooperates with TRACE KEI CONSORTIUM. November 2017

The manager of gold labeled cluster FEMAC, Mr Enric Pedros, visited 7 different Clusters, in the framework of TRACE-KEI Twinning programme.  The programme is meant to further improve the cluster management performances according to a learning process that the experienced cluster manager provide through a personalized support. The visitation was focused on future actions for improving cluster management. Mr. Pedros met the existing cluster managing model, the mission and the strategy of the cluster and shared its experience in cluster management.

During the visits, the following topics were discussed:

  • Identifying and defining the cluster management model
  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses of the existing cluster strategy
  • Sharing knowledge and practices with cluster managers and their executive committee representatives
  • Designing and preparing the cluster management model and cluster strategy
  • Suggesting tools for performances measurement
  • Ideas and suggestions for new projects and initiatives
  • Sharing posibilities for internationalization

As a result of the mentoring sessions, The Cluster Management staff  acquired not only useful knowledge and shared experience in developing cluster strategies, but also inspiration for developing their management to excellence level of cooperation and participation in new joint initiatives.