FEMAC takes part of the Natureef Mission in the Philippines, 21th to 25th November 2016

On 21 and 25 November the FEMAC participated along with the cluster of France (VEGEPOLYS), Bulgaria (GREEN SYNERGY), Czech Republic (CREA & HYDRO) and Poland (GREEN CHEMISTRY) in the Mission Prospecting market Philippines under the Project NATUREEF.
One of the main objectives of the project NATUREEF is to promote the internationalization of enterprises clusters represented in the segment of the efficient management of natural resources, and to this end was held a round table with several companies in the Philippines, led by the Corporation Santa Clara, who is henceforth sign an agreement to be the ambassador of the initiative Natureef in the Country. In addition the European delegation held meetings with the main representatives of the Department of Agriculture, Department of Science and Technology Council Development Export Management and the Small and Medium Enterprise Development, Department of National Energy and water resources, and the Office of Investment.

Soon we will study the possibility of organizing a trade mission to the country for the first half of 2017


The Natureef delegation with members of Round Table in Santa Clara Headquarters.