Creative answers for commercial questions were the atmosphere of the training week for cluster managers organized, as every year by ACCIO, the trade and investment agency for Catalan companies.

Elisabeth Molina, FEMAC’s project manager, was able to take part together with other eleven cluster managers of the training which consisted in some sessions focused on knowing the clusters and cluster policy in Montréal and Quebéc, and a course in HEC Montréal, Sparkup and Ellicom where they could think about the development of the creative industry, the relationship between creativity and innovation. They learnt how to improve companies’ innovation processes in the middleground.

They had the opportunity to assist to C2 Montreal which unites the cream of the international business crop and works to stimulate creative and even visionary thinking to commercial problems. This is encouraged through an immersive environment that fosters collaboration and the emergence of innovative business solutions. C2 Montréal was founded and Imagined by the Sid Lee creative agency in collaboration with Founding Partner Cirque du Soleil, Leadership Partner Microsoft, Content and Media Partner Fast Company magazine and Technology Partner EMC