Intercluster Workshop FEMAC & INNOVI 28th November 2016

On November 28 was held the first workshop Intercluster between the cluster and the cluster FEMAC innovate, which brings together the main stakeholders in the value chain of wine production. This working day, which took place at the winery grape Lleida, Codorniu Group, were tried relevant aspects of the wine sector, which could be addressed from the perspective of the new technologies used by companies in the Cluster the FEMAC, with the aim of being able to generate innovative initiatives that end up being collaborative projects between members of both clusters and aimed at providing innovative solutions.

The day began with the presentation of some of the latest developments in intelligent management of agricultural plantations, some examples of remote sensing applied to control inputs, control systems and production management for drones, as well as the latest applications in robotics applied to the vineyard.









Examples of the topics discussed were, reduced and controlled application of agricultural inputs: water, seeds, fertilizers and pesticides, and the need that this reduction does not only improve economic means, but improving social and environmental, as there are more and more pressure from European legislation on the use of pesticides. In this sense, there are two elements to consider when we face a reduction of inputs:

  • Remote Sensing: satellite, aircraft, drones. Knowing where we have differences and why.
  • Differentiate plot agricultural areas and natural boundaries for this. The zones are classified to differential handling, fertilizer and water.
  • Tools to be applied differentially; fertilizer spreader, spray, irrigation systems.

Moreover, and in relation to the application variable, during the session it was found that many farmers know their variability in the plot, but act differently. Often it is a problem of attitude and predisposition.

One question that arose during the debate was that the added value is to bring new technologies to what is already being done ¿? As well as the important role of agricultural technicians in its implementation and end user training. Another factor that could reduce competition in the use of these technologies, however, is the time for decision making, including data collection, processing and evaluation of information to be translated agronomic a decision in a very short time.
Attendees also were able to evaluate different technological proposals from companies in the FEMAC, and in the coming months it is expected the proposal for the development of projects, proposing solutions which have aroused most interest. With the main objective to reply as quickly as possible to companies in the wine sector the practical implementation of these solutions, and help them to improve their competitiveness.

Since FEMAC committed to cooperation between different clusters Catalans, since the different views of each sector tend to enrich the projects, strengthening the areas of expertise of each cluster and sharing knowledge to help improve other sector. The FEMAC has already successfully participated in meetings and on other occasions inter-cluster projects, such as the cluster of photonic technologies, plans to soon organize another session with the cluster of advanced materials.