N 240 Km 114,5
25050 Almacelles
Lleida (Spain)
Telf. +34 973 740 311
Contacte: Anna Martí Pedrós

Semillas el Solc, a company founded in 1976 in the Ebro Valley, initially took advantage of this privileged location to become a leading company in the development, production and commercialization of forage seeds. Fruit of the commitment with the territory and its values, as well as a wide technical knowledge, has achieved that its own varieties position it in the national and international market as the reference in forage seeds.
Although the initial vocation of the company focused on the forage sector, the passage of time and the technical mastery achieved has allowed Semillas el Solc to diversify its range of services and products, not only focusing on the forage sector and efficiently serving other market sectors.
Quality and personalized service, the perfect tandem of Semillas el Solc. Responding and advising clients to guarantee the best result is our raison d’être. Personalized attention and knowledge of the environment are our competitive advantage and give us the strength to sustainably grow in the national and international market.