Plaça Sardana, 1
25137 Corbins. LLEIDA
Tel. (+34) 973 19 02 00
Fax. (+34) 973 19 04 77
E-mail: info@tallerescorbins.com

TALLERES CORBINS, S.L. is a company founded in 1977, dedicated at first to the sale and repair of agricultural machinery, but due to their objective of improvement, and in line with market needs existing at that time, began to manufacture the first prunding compressors and hydraulic lifts, and then other items connected with fruit and vineyard work.
Currently the company has an extensive range of machinery to meet all requirements of the sector, and large and updated facilities to provide quality service in the manufacture, sales and after-sales service to our customers.Thanks to continuous innovation and improvement in the technology of our products in recent years, the company is in a line of national and international expansion.