VI FEMAC Strategic Immersion. 20/21st July 2017


On July 20 and 21, the VI Strategic Immersion of FEMAC was held. The day that was held in Pals, had about 25 participants between cluster companies and other entities. During the two intense days of work, we had the participation of the INTECH 3D Lleida law firm, introduced to the attendees the evolution of additive manufacturing in the industry and the rapid growth that has taken over the years. In Genís Roca of ROCA SALVATELLA, he made a clear and understandable exhibition about the cloud that surrounds the concept DIGITALIZATION and how it affects the strategy of the company. The president of the KIBUK Group, Mr. Xavier Soria, explained his case of success. The attendees were able to know first hand, the history and the trajectory that followed some humble furniture sales shops, until they became the great organization they are now, which has 56 establishments in Spain, where around 500 people work and with growth above the market average.