C/ Pont de la Barquera
43420 Santa Coloma de Queralt-TARRAGONA
Tel. (+34) 97 788 03 02
Fax. (+34) 97 788 12 25

The Vila brothers created the company Vila Workshops in 1979. In 1988 They transformed that company into a common property, changing its name to Vigerm S.L. in 1995, which name has been kept until today.In 1997 it moved to the new premises of 7600 sqm, that were extended once more since then due to the market demand and also to help us serve better our customers.

VIGERM has a wide and varied range of agricultural machinery: conveyer-belt fertilizer spreaders of up to 15 tons, twin-disc and pendulum fertilizer spreaders, agricultural trailers, fixed or tilting platforms for transporting bales, suspended and pulled de-stoners, hydraulic chippers, rolls of up to 20 meters, pulled cultivators of up to 14 meters, vibro-cultivators of up to 16 meters, hydro-pneumatic and spring chisel ploughs, bulldozers and reinforced grader blade machines.