VII FEMAC Strategic Immersion – 26th and 27th July 2018

On July 26th and 27th, FEMAC celebrated the VII Strategic Immersion. The city of Girona was the selected place where the event took place. This time, participants and FEMAC’s team wanted to approach thorough a deep critical thinking exercise about “THE FUTURE FEMAC”. The members contemplated how the cluster should change, the strategic points to strengthen, the added valued to put in and how members – individually and collectively – could contribute to reach this new FEMAC.

About thirty participants attended FEMAC’s Strategic Immersion; most of them were enterprises members of the cluster and research institutions. This year, unlike previous editions, participation was greater since members come accompanied.

Inés Sagrario from the firm Competitiveness, moderate participative sessions, whom objective was to bring members and FEMAC’s team closer to the new approach the cluster will be working on from this point forward.

With the aim of learning from other clusters’ activity and acquire a new perspective as well as ideas to develop during the sessions already mentioned, the cluster invited Mr. Eduald Casas and Mr. Robert Mas from INNOCA and CPW clusters, respectively. Both cluster managers share their experience, the management model, operating system and corporate culture of their clusters. To conclude the meeting, Casoperia Robotics team prepared a robotics competition, which revitalizes the atmosphere.