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Agrobit smartfarm is a sustainable agriculture and traceability platform with analytical management and artificial intelligence, aimed at increasing production, minimizing risks, reducing environmental impact and ensuring food quality. Focusing on four technological pillars: Smart planning based on recommendations and trends. Day to day monitoring and anomaly alerts using satellite technology and forecasts. Task management sharing data between people and machines. Traceability guaranteed with technology to ensure origin and quality of food.




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After years of management in different types of vineyards with the use of new technologies, AgroPixel offers the consulting service for all crops to entrepreneurs, technicians and owners of agricultural holdings.

AgroPixel was created in 2011, after years of work and research in the area of viticulture of the Codorníu Group. We extend to farms and agribusiness the experience in the use of different tools that have allowed us to optimize costs and improve production in our farms and in the homogenization of the quality of the final product.

The experience accumulated during all these years allows us to offer a service to identify the different zones for a differentiated management, make the appropriate management recommendations, as well as accompanying their implementation from the information obtained with remote sensing and contrasted with visits and inspections to the field.





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Vunkers IT Experts provides solutions that respond to technological needs of various sectors and professional fields.

The commitment in R + D + i for the development of new projects and technologies results in solutions such as AGROSUITE. An exclusive platform for professionals in the field, which allows you to manage and analyze your land in an easy and simple way.

Agrosuite is a tool that uses software engineering with IoT (Internet of Things) taking your crops to the next level of security. It has climate module and irrigation module, providing real-time tracking and data history. An instrument that allows you to take care of your field remotely and in real time 24 hours a day. 356 days a year, no need to travel.


  • Digitize and automate your fields
  • Optimize your work day
  • Act at the best time
  • Protect your crops from frost and disease
  • Alarm warning for temperature, rain and wind force




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Company dedicated to independent agricultural advice, training and R&D projects for companies in the agri-food sector.

AKIS International provides training services to businesses and organizations. We design and conduct training sessions in research institutions and / or technical courses for agricultural companies and training entities.

AKIS Irrigation is the first irrigation recommendation app for mobile devices (iOS and Android) in the world, also available on the web. The system has a powerful prediction model of crop water requirements, developed by our engineers and researchers

Akis International



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Alterity is an industrial lithium battery manufacturing facility specialized in the design, development and manufacture of batteries for industrial machinery and light electric vehicles. The mission of the company is to manufacture batteries adapted to the needs of its customers thinking about extending their useful life.

Alterity’s strategy is focused on solving a future and vital problem in the management of waste generated by the use of lithium batteries. To this end, Alterity develops all its battery systems with a circular economy perspective, ensuring that the battery life cycle is the most efficient for each case. And with the aim of being able to grant a 2nd life in a simple way.

Alterity Global