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After years of management in different types of vineyards with the use of new technologies, AgroPixel offers the consulting service for all crops to entrepreneurs, technicians and owners of agricultural holdings.

AgroPixel was created in 2011, after years of work and research in the area of viticulture of the Codorníu Group. We extend to farms and agribusiness the experience in the use of different tools that have allowed us to optimize costs and improve production in our farms and in the homogenization of the quality of the final product.

The experience accumulated during all these years allows us to offer a service to identify the different zones for a differentiated management, make the appropriate management recommendations, as well as accompanying their implementation from the information obtained with remote sensing and contrasted with visits and inspections to the field





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The importance of nutrients in precision agriculture

Analysis system to control macronutrient NT Sensors, SL It is ideal for fertigation optimization tool. On place to measure the ionic concentration of a nutrient solution in a simple manner, with the accuracy of a laboratory analysis provides the necessary information for the control cultivation.

Proper management of nutrients levels is essential to ensure optimal fertilization and production crops. Systems allow analysis of NT Sensors know exact levels of most macro-nutrients to speak with agronomic benefits and technical level this means.

nt sensors