NATUREEF A new challenge for better natural resource

A new challenge for better natural resource efficiency in Europe, is the vision of NATUREEF, an European Cluster Partnership, that has been awarded for the recent European Strategic Cluster Partnership initiative leaded by the Cluster Platform together with the DG Enterprise and Industry Clusters and Support for SMEs , belonging to the European Commission.

This new cluster network  was created to develop and implement a joint strategy promoting cross-sectoral cooperation and facilitating SME internationalization in the area of the Management Natural resource efficiency.

The Consortium has a strong innovation and business focus and its ultimate goal is to see knowledge-based enterprises grow and thrive along with the sustainable and recycle oriented use of natural resource, improving the resources efficiency in the agro chain as well as natural resource-energy chain. On the other hand there is need for business development and for adjusting existing techniques from the sectors involved in the consortium, like biomass, energy services, agro technology, water technologies or plant production, to mention some examples and from 10 different EU countries participating and approaches an International scale, as well as to look for further scientific and practical innovations in natural resources management, through targeted research.

NATUREEF will carry out different marketing and joint activities, like international benchmarking, business development, dissemination actions to reinforce the cooperation with the International Cooperation Partner Countries [ICPC] , with a special attention in emerging countries, like China, India , South America or developed countries like Australia and New Zealand.



T he concept and objectives of Natureef– European Strategic Cluster Partnership for a natural resource efficient Europe – fostering solutions via cluster cooperation are founded on the regional integration of two European policies : Resource-efficient Europe and Promoting Research and Development as well as Innovation.  EU and international Cluster networking is an effective instrument to channel business co-operation initiatives towards innovation that allow the development of dynamic knowledge economies.

Natureef can play a pioneer role by promoting “new model-businesses” willing to design and implement a joint strategy promoting cross-sectoral cooperation and facilitating dissemination and mentoring small and medium companies’ innovative technologies and internationalization in new Natural Efficient Resource Concept that will contribute to societal EU Challenges of better natural resource efficiency.