tHE nEXT society

20th November, 2018

The week of November 19th and 23th, International Projects Area from ACCIÓ’s Cluster Unit presented the activity of Catalan clusters to a foreign cluster delegation. Several countries, such as Turkey, Tunis, Palestine, Morocco and Jordan, were represented by the delegation. This initiative is part of the European project The Netx Society.

FEMAC was one of the clusters selected to present its trajectories, development and especially, the strategy adopted in order to adapt to the current environment – whose characteristics carries on concordance with competitiveness and continuous change –.

Enric Pedrós, FEMAC’s Cluster Manager, presented the case study of FEMAC and moderated the debate between the visiting clusters, laying on the table different topics, such as actions and tools that boost competitive advantages and support the longevity of the cluster. Since the presentation carried out at FEMAC headquarters, seize the momentum to visit the installations of the Eurecat – the Technology Center of Catalonia –.

Afterwards, during the afternoon, the delegation visited two companies; Arcusin S.A and Biovert S.L – members of FEMAC –. Both companies explained their connection with FEMAC, synergies, support and cooperation originated.