At the beginning of the XX century  new firms started manufacturing the first threshers, what it represented the seeds of that later on would became the catalan cluster of agricultural machinery

The J. Trepat factory was a key element in the agricultural mechanisation of the land in Catalonia and Spain. In this old factory, the emblematic J. Trepat agricultural machinery (threshers, reapers, bailers and many others) were produced and sold. Thirteen of the current nineteen sheds were built in the 1930s. However, the company had started working in 1914 in small workshops in the middle of Tàrrega.

The Josep Trepat machines were a commercial success and a revolution for farm work as they were adapted to the needs of the farmers. They were light and easy to handle and their reasonable price helped to make them popular and so they ended up transforming work and life in the country. The J. Trepat factory was named the national producer in 1931.

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