Collaborative participation is the key to the success of the Cluster

Cooperation between companies and members of the cluster pursues the achievement of an unattainable goal individually, or at least not with the same degree of efficiency. The FEMAC Cluster seeks to improve access to and acquisition of resources and skills and knowledge transfer, increase learning in technological knowledge and innovation, as well as develop new strategic options that cannot be achieved in isolation to increase the competitive power of its members, and entry into new markets or businesses.

Networking events

Organization of meetings with the aim of expanding the network of contacts and facilitating new business opportunities and the launch of Innovation Projects.

Participation in Fairs

Through group participation and visits to the main fairs in the sector, we want to enhance the presence of the Cluster companies in their target markets.

Working Groups

With the Working Groups we address problems, in terms of Innovation of the Cluster members and define the lines of action of the Cluster.


Commercial Missions

To facilitate the internationalization process and explore new business opportunities, we organize trade missions and reverse missions.

Innovation days

The objective of these conferences is to generate a meeting point between the members of the Cluster, to promote the sharing of technological needs.


The Webinars are online conferences that deal with aspects of interest to companies, and the latest trends in the agricultural means of production sector.