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Plant Intercluster

The Plant InterCluster has almost 10 years and built a strong international network with clusters around those sectors: cider, cereals, fruit and vegetables, ornamental horticulture, medicinal plants, mushrooms, seeds and winegrowing.This international and sectorial network works thanks to a common vision and motivation from its stakeholders. Born in France with 3 Plant clusters, in 2018, even if the coordination remains in the hands of VEGEPOLYS VALLEY, 5 others European clusters joined the steering committee.

Our objectives are:

  • Exchanges of best practices in innovation governance,
  • Support of technological cooperation and partnerships for innovation
  • Identification of complementary international skills in order to remove technological bottlenecks
  • International business opportunities (prospection and commercial values).



The concept of Natureef European Strategic Cluster Partnership for a natural resource efficient Europe – fostering solutions via cluster cooperation is founded on the regional integration of two European policies : Resource-efficient Europe and Promoting Research and Development as well as Innovation.

The main objective of Natureef  is to intensify cluster and business network collaboration across cluster consortia members to support the establishment of European Strategic Cluster Partnership to lead international cluster cooperation in the field Natural Resource Efficiency. Natureef project promotes natural resources efficiency business in South America, Asia and ASEAN Countries for enterprises based in Natureef cluster consortium countries. Project provides an opportunity for SMEs in the field of Natural resource efficiency technology who are interested in the target country markets to develop their marketing and networking. The project will also improve the networking of research and development organizations and their cooperation with third countries actors. Furthermore, the project will develop and strengthen the cooperation among the cluster and SMEs members as a result of B2B meetings and the SMEs collaboration in the working groups


Cluster FEMAC is member of TCI-Network